Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections

Q: When I have sex, we use a condom. Why should I worry about getting an STD?
Using a condom correctly every time you have sex still puts you at significant risk for many STDs, including HPV and herpes, both of which are incurable. Look at it this way - condoms often fail to prevent pregnancy, and pregnancy is only possible a few days a month. STDs are there 24/7, ready to turn a few moments of pleasure into a lifetime of heartache.

Q: What if I have sex with only one person? Can I still get an STD?
If your partner has had any sexual activity with anyone else before you, then you are at risk for an STD. They may lie to you about their sexual history, or they may not even know they have an STD, since it is very possible for someone to have an STD and show no symptoms.

Q: What about oral sex, is it safe?
Oral sex is definitely not safe. Many STDs, including syphilis, Gonorreah, and Genital Herpes can be spread through oral sex.

Q: Do birth control pills protect you against STDs?

Q: How can I protect myself against STDs?
There are two ways to totally protect yourself against STDs. One is to abstain from sex. The other is to only have sex within a faithful lifelong commitment (i.e. marriage) to a partner who is STD free.

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