Considering Abortion?

Considering Abortion?

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You May Not Need an Abortion.

The possibility of being pregnant can be overwhelming and you may feel that having an abortion is the best choice for you. However, you may not need one because about one in every four pregnancies will end naturally without any intervention, surgery or chemicals.  "Miscarriage" is the common term used to describe a natural end to a pregnancy (of less than 20 weeks).

The medical term is "spontaneous abortion." The chance of miscarrying is believed to be about one in four, or roughly 25% (see WebMD and New York Times articles), depending on a variety of factors including the woman's age. It is generally believed that approximately half of all miscarriages occur due to chromosomal abnormalities. Other causes include gene or hormonal defects and uterine abnormalities.

Our Enlightened Woman campaign is designed to provide you with a complimentary pregnancy test and an ultrasound to determine the viability of your pregnancy and also to offer you free certified counseling. Counselors are certified in pregnancy crisis, relationship, fatherhood and much more.

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